Resistor Cabinet Platforms

Rio Tinto: Resistor Cabinet Platforms 

Client: Rio Tinto
Project: Fabricate and Install Resistor Cabinet Platforms
Location: Cape Lambert Operations, WA
Project Highlights: Nine pre-fabricated access platforms and pre-assembled and installed on site.

The client required nine (9) separate platforms for rear access to established resister cabinets to allow safe and secure access. The platforms were constructed of structural steel and of bespoke design to client specifications and drawings. Tidal Solutions pre-fabricated the platforms off site which were approx. 10m x 2m in diameter, delivered and installed the platforms within the allocated time frame.

Issues addressed and resolved 

The supplied ‘As-Built’ drawings were found to be inaccurate and onsite modification of the platforms were required during installation. Even with the unforeseen circumstances, Tidal Solutions completed the project within project timelines and budget with no HSE incidents or accidents.